To have a successful and profitable day a person needs force and energy, which are inextricably connected with healthy sleep. So that the Willing Hotel’s guests wake up in a good mood and awash with positive plans, we offer nicely several types of pillows of different shapes, filling and effects on a human body:

  • Orthopedic charcoal pillow of an ergonomic shape (30x50) – The main secret of this pillow is a unique high-elasticity memory foam. The foam is sensitive to a body temperature. Thus, the foam has a property of remembering contours of a human body and easing the pain. It supports a comfortable and healthy body position, as well as evokes sensation of pleasant featheriness. Composition: cover – 100% polyester. Filling – 100% polyuretan.
  • Natural alpaca pillow (50x70) allows to create ideal conditions for sleep while holding fixed cervical vertebrae and ensuring soft headrest. Composition: cover – 100% cotton. Filling – 40% alpaca, 60% polyester.
  • Down and feather pillow (50x70). High elasticity of the filler makes it possible to accomplish the main ‘pillow’ task – provides for relaxing of cervical vertebrae and the whole upper human body during sleep and rest. Composition: cover – 100% cotton. Filling – 50% duck down, 50% duck feather.
  • Hypoallergenic pillow from siliconized fiber (48x58). An ultra-light filler with unique thermal characteristics comparable to natural down. It contributes to increased air exchange while retaining warmth in cold weather and not preventing free air circulation in summer. A memory foam pillow makes it possible to distribute pressure evenly, and follow precisely the shape of your head. Thus, neck and shoulders hold a natural and optimum position. Composition: cover 55% polyester, 45% bamboo. Filling: shattered memory foam.
  • Kapok pillow (50x70) – It calms and mitigates the fatigue, it is recommended for prophylactic and treatment of many diseases. Composition: cover 100% cotton. Filling: vegetable hair.
  • Aloe Vera pillow (50x70) – It strengthens natural body protection, tonifies, soothes skin, has antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic action. Composition: cover 100% cotton saturated with Aloe Vera extract. Filling: DownFill microfiber.
  • Bamboo pillow (50x70). Due to its vegetable origin a filler is ecofriendly, soft, has excellent ventilating properties. Besides that, bamboo fiber possesses increased antibacterial properties: more than 70% of bacteria falling on it are killed naturally. Composition: cover – cotton. Filling: bamboo fiber, siliconized polyester fiber.
  • Pillow filled with buckwheat hulls (50x70). Compared to traditional pillows from natural or synthetic down, a pillow filled with buckwheat hulls is an even support for your head all night long ensuring a light massaging effect. A pillow is notable for good flexibility and forms a natural bolster when using, which will save your spine from deformations, that are unavoidable when using other softer pillows. Composition: cover – cotton. Filling: buckwheat hulls.

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