Restaurant Simple

The most complicated skill is to be simple. To be simple means to be sincere, to be free, to be unshakable in your decisions, but to accept them with a light hand. Simple is a complex simplicity, it's freedom of space, it's smart food for every day. This is modern Belarusian cuisine, through which we convey our vision of local gastronomy. We are inspired by the aesthetic minimalism of modern Scandinavian cuisine and the warmth of our native latitudes. We find the best, we use only local products, we inhale the Belarusian air and every day we open the doors so that you will feel the taste of your native land in the way we feel it. At the disposal of our chief all modern methods of preparation of dishes, and our sommelier collected the wines from the best winemakers in the world. We will surprise you!

Every morning we invite you to the Simple restaurant to a buffet breakfast, which includes a wide choice of hot and cold dishes of the Belarusian and European cuisines, light refreshments, fresh juices, dairy products, hot beverages, fruits, and fresh pastry and desserts made in-house.

Breakfast is served:

Monday – Friday 07:00 – 10:00

Saturday – Sunday 08:00 – 11:00

In case of early check-out (before 07:00) we will be able to arrange breakfast (a sandwich) in lunch boxes at your request.